Win Free Coins and Slot Boosters on your new Honey Do!

Looking to score some extra coins, win daily challenges, and unlock exciting boosters? It’s time to complete that Honey Do!

When you log into the game for the first time and collect your Daily Bonus, you’ll see a checklist pop-up on your screen. This is your new Honey Do List! The daily challenges you need to complete to unlock your prize(s) are spelled out in this list, where you can also find special boosts to unlock to ramp up your daily spinning experience. Some daily challenges include collecting your Daily Bonus, accepting one Party Prize, spinning on 3 different slots, and collecting your Timed Bonus twice. As you work your way through your Honey Do list, you’ll win a coin prize for completing each challenge in addition to winning a HUGE prize after finishing your entire list!

As you start to complete your challenges, you’ll notice a slider come out from the side of your screen notifying you on your progress for a specific task. For example, if you are completing a “Spin 50 times” challenge, you may see a slider pop out to alert you that you are halfway to completing your goal, or that you have completed all of your 50 spins. After this, a notification will appear in the info bubble prompting you to click. This will bring you back to your Honey Do list, where you can collect you coin prize for finishing one of your challenges.

Once all of the tasks have been completed for the day, you will get to open your reward for finishing your Honey Do list! Some of the major prizes you can unlock are exclusive slot titles, huge coin prizes, Boost Mode, Bingo balls, Faster Party Prizes, Keys to Cleo’s Treasures, and more!

Make sure to check the game every day to see what’s on your Honey Do list! And don’t forget, bigger bets equal bigger prizes!


Disclaimer: The Honey Do feature is locked until a player reaches level 11